Content Policy

Content Policy

Sarvah Kshema Hospital and Research Foundation (SHRF) aims to connect with all the devotees also through online by providing its digital content on its website and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube etc.

While using our exclusive digital content, following guidelines should be followed.

  • Copying of our images, creatives, videos etc. (either whole or in part), with or without editing is strictly prohibited

  • Our digital content can’t be used on other digital channels or pages withoutour explicit permission

  • Any of our digital content like images, creatives videos etc. that are being used by others with explicit permission on YouTube or other social media platforms must mention the following in the description
    • 1. This content belongs to the Sarvah Kshema Hospital and Research Foundation (SHRF)

    • 2. Original source: [Link to Original Content]