Standing in the heart of the SHRF campus, is a 35ft tall idol of Swami Vivekananda. This statue, which is the world's tallest statue of Sri Guruji is surrounded by a lotus-pond in addition to the step-seating that can accommodate about 1000 people.

Not only is the statue the tallest, it's alignment is in coherence with Vastu Purush Mandala. This makes sure that the place is shrouded in a divine atmosphere with a continuous shower of Sri Guruji's blessings.

The statue also embodies SHRF's inspiration that we derive from Sri Guruji, Swami Vivekananda and his teachings. It also symbolises universal love and compassion that revered Guruji stood for. Being in the presence of this divine Murti gives people peace and heals them inside and out.

Tele Health

We are in the midst of a pandemic, and it has already taken the healthcare system by storm. The people are asked to adopt healthier habits than ever. In such crucial times, telemedicine is no less than a blessing in disguise. In an era where we all are requested to follow social distancing, telemedicine has turned ...

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Dr. Vivek A Udupa – More than that meets the eye

Dr. Viveka A Udupa is a Medical Director of Sarvah Kshema Hospital & Research Foundation (SHRF) wing of Divine Park as well as a trustee of Divine Park Trust.

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Better Life With Perfect Body

In the times we live in, human health has become very fragile as a result of our physically inactive and mentally cluttered lifestyles. Unhealthy food and pollution of all spheres of environment also make us more prone to diseases. And even though technological advancements have helped cure and prevent diseases, this fragility problem hasn’t been uprooted yet.

Why do we acquire diseases? Why does our body malfunction and our mind tires? Why does age degrade our body and mental health easily? Surprisingly, the solution to these problems of today is in our past.

Yoga, a 5000-year-old practice proves to be just as efficient now as it was then. Why? Because it targets the very roots of human anatomy and works in natural ways to make it stronger. Various sages, over these years have constructed the path of Yoga with utmost care and caution, to take care of the entire system the body is. In today’s times, when stress overpowers all our behaviours, Yoga takes care of it all. Through Asanas, body is made flexible and fit, and through Pranayama and other kriyas, impurities are removed from the system. Meditation prepares body to receive the divine energy. Thus Yoga has proven to be a system that if followed, takes care of all needs.



At A Glance

We, at SHRF, are always focused equally on physical and mental health. That is why our one-week program which goes on from 6:00 AM to 9:30 PM consists of the following holistic activities:

1 Loosening exercises

Asanas to loosen the stiffness we carry in our body because of our sedentary lifestyles are performed at the Yoga Bana. Undoing is considered the first step in doing something good. That is why loosening exercises are performed before asanas that are beneficial to other aspects of our body.

2 General yoga

Basic, but nonetheless effective yoga is performed under the guidance of expert teachers for your betterment of health. They give clear instruction and help out generously to keep you safe from injury and bring you closer and closer to perfection each day.

3 Individual Yoga therapy

All bodies are different and their working, routine, along with their diseases and malfunctioning are different. Such unique combination of factors of bodily function requires a unique combination of yogic practices to take care of it. Hence, the individual yoga therapy. This helps in catering to each individual, what their ailments need.

4 Meditation session

The ambience which already puts you in a meditative state, has a lotus shaped pond with an idol of Swami Vivekananda in the centre. Meditation sessions here are the most trance-like and fulfilling by the grace of divine Guruji.

5 Walking

The simplest kind of medicine, exercise and therapy is walking. Just a movement, continued for a specific amount of time, at a specific pace can do more good to you than you can imagine. We at SHRF encourage walking, have ambient music for you to listen to and vehicle-free tracks for walking.

6 Laughter therapy

Laughing is not a waste of time, but an investment in your physical and mental health. It gets heart beat to fasten, blood to rush throughout our bodies and a sense of happiness. Laughter therapy helps release the happiness hormones called serotonin and dopamine, which keep our mental health in check.

7 Silence therapy

We believe that the power to heal resides with the person themselves, with their mind, with their will power, and with the divine energy. Silence is a tool that patients sometimes need to heal from the inside. We don’t interrupt such phases and understand the need for silence. We allow you to use silence therapeutically.

1 Stress management 

SHRF is a haven of nature and calmness away from the city’s pollution, noise and chaos which helps the participants relax and manage their stress. The environment in itself makes the patient feel less sick. The kind staff further helps the participants in managing stress.

2 Diet management

Diet provided in this program consists of natural, fresh food which helps in regaining strength, stamina along with managing weight. Mindful eating is encouraged which teaches the participants the value of food, how to eat, when to eat and what to eat.

3 Time management

The well-planned routine helps the participants learn time management. No time is wasted, and the routine balances the physical activities with mental activities so that the participants are not strained.

4 Anger management

The serene environment lets the participant introspect and manage their emotions. This dive into the self allows them to see the bigger picture in life and minimize emotions like anger.

5 Breath management

Breathing exercises, pranayama helps us to concentrate on our breathing and how to do it correctly. Control on our breaths is useful in many ways in our lives. Mindful breathing is spiritually cleansing and can better us in our yogic practices too.

6 Mind management

It is rightly said that meditation is medication. We teach various methods of meditation which heal us from the core and helps us to clear our mind clutter. A clear mind is able to manage what it spends its energy on and what it should block out.

7 Weight management

Yoga practices not only improve your body’s flexibility, but also helps you cut fat and tone your muscles. Yoga along with a proper diet, which is provided at SHRF, helps you manage your weight which in turn helps you perform better in your everyday life.

8 Lifestyle management

Along with yoga practices, we teach yoga philosophy through lectures from doctors about values of life, cooperation and coordination which in turn improves a person’s lifestyle. Philosophies help us lead a mentally fulfilling life while being physically fit helps you lead a life without any limitations and hindrance.

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