Mr. Deepak P.K

Scientist, Boston US

"I got an opportunity to stay and get treated at SHRF and I found it as an International standard campus, be it in the field of cleanliness, therapies and food they provide, yoga teaching techniques etc. During my stay my stress level has reduced and sleep quality has increased. Chanting of mantras and singing bhajan's gave me glimpse of ancient India. Overall I am feeling very light and relaxed."

Mrs. Neena Mahajan

Government Employee, New Delhi

"One week program of SHRF brought a drastic change in my Physical and Mental health. My migraine headache and body pain is completely relieved. SHRF has helped me to distress my mind and get away with the negative thoughts at all. Food is very delicious and tasty. Bhajan session is divine and enlightening."

Mrs. Malavika Hegde

IT Manager, Bangalore

SHRF is a divine abode of blissful nature with unpolluted air and water, cleanly maintained and protected the natural flora and fauna. Yoga practices are short, sweet and simple which made me feel flexible, relaxed and energized. My long standing back and shoulder pain is reduced. It also helped to relax with a calm and peaceful mind. Overall it is a pleasure stay at SHRF.



Testimonial from the participant

One of our participants explaining about the services and treatment he received at Yoga parva.

Testimonial from the participant

Hear from one of our participants what he has to say about the services and treatment he received at our campus