Research findings

Research findings

A research conducted in one of the Yoga Parvas showed an overall improvement in sleep, mind and body patterns and reduction in problems like anger, moods and even blood pressure. Our events are thoroughly researched and planned based on such studies, spiritual texts and scientific findings.

Effect Of Residential Raja Sangama Program On Attention In School Children

The Raja Sangama program designed under the able guidance of Doctorji, emphasizes on improving cognitive function and development of personality which helps an individual to better cope with situations, avoid the distractions of mind. It also enables us to face the challenges with full attention and positive attitude. We conducted a research to evaluate the effects of this program for our benefit as well as the society’s. We’re always striving for improvement and these researches help us achieve that.

The sustained attention of the children was evaluated at the beginning and at the end of 4 days of residential program using six-letter cancellation task (SLCT).

The study showed an improvement of 9.61% sustained attention following 4 days of residential Raja Sangama Program in College Girl Students and an improvement of 15.44 % sustained attention in High School Girl Children, thus proving the positive effect of the program.


Impact Of Yoga Parva In Pain Management

One of our most popular programs is Yoga Parva which is a weeklong program conducted in the midst of the serene spiritual atmosphere. The program includes daily Yoga & Naturopathy treatments for the rest five days. The program also consists of Ramaraksha Stotra chanting. Total 117 participants with various disorders participated in the program.

The study aimed at evaluating the role of yoga in reducing the pain. The perception of pain was recorded by asking the participants to mark the extent of pain felt on a 10cm visual analog scale before and after the yoga program. Results showed a remarkable decrease of pain from an average of 4.25 to 1.53 indicating the beneficial effect of Yoga Parva in reducing the pain.

Contribution Of Yoga Parva In Management Of Blood Pressure

Total 302 participants consisted of healthy individuals as well as ones with various disorders participated in the year 2010. There were 129 participants in the Year 2011. Their Blood Pressure and Weight was measured before and after the program for this research. After the one-week program concluded, these observations were made.

Results showed the mean age of participants in the Year 2010 is 47.93 (13.37) and in 2011 is 46.91 (14.05). The program showed a significant decrease in Systolic Blood Pressure (t = 8.71, p = 0.000), Diastolic Blood Pressure (t = 3.423, p = 0.001) and weight (t = 6.98, p = 0.000) in 2010 and Systolic Blood Pressure (t = 6.05, p = 0.000) and weight (t = 15.15, p = 0.000) in 2011. In conclusion, Yoga Parva proved to be highly effective in managing blood pressure and weight of the participants.


How Mathru Yoga Program Affected Its Participants

Mathru Yoga is a weeklong, specially designed Yoga program for women. It aims to heal with the usage of the following components:
Divine Spiritual Discourse by Reverend Doctorji
Yogic postures (Asanas),
Regulated Breathing Practices (Pranayama),
Relaxation Practices,
Counseling, and
Meditation Practices (Dhyana)

We conducted a study to evaluate the effectiveness of Mathru yoga, on well being. In the study, 26 women with mean age of 46.46 years who attended the program were observed. A self-analyzing questionnaire was used to assess their general wellbeing. The questionnaire mainly consisted of information on lightness of body, pain syndrome, mood disturbances and quality of sleep.
The result of the study showed significant improvement in all the aspects of the questionnaire after the Mathru Yoga program.

How Yoga Santwana Affects Back Pain In Participants

Yoga Santwana is a ten-day program designed by SHRF in which the principles of Yoga and Spirituality are focused upon. The program consists of Ramaraksha stotra chanting, loosening exercises, breathing exercises, surya namaskara, asanas (postures), pranayama (breathing practices) and relaxation techniques. Total 34 people, 13 male and 21 female participants with complain of Back Pain participated in this study. The mean age of participants was 47.68 years. Their feelings were recorded before and after the program. Results of the study showed considerable improvements in the feelings following ten days of Yoga Santwana program.

The participants felt a sense of lightness in their bodies after the program. Their sleep cycle improved and anxiousness was reduced.